Tuesday, 1 May 2018


Atlas Obscura, the site that delves into all manner of interesting things, presents some very interesting concepts...

"A LIBRARY IS, AT ITS most essential, a space that holds a collection of books. A dedicated room or building is not technically necessary. In his Book of Book Lists, recently released in the United States, author Alex Johnson offers examples of portable libraries—“sturdy wooden cases” of books and magazines that “were passed between lighthouses around the United States,” for instance. He includes the library Robert Falcon Scott took on board the Discovery in 1901, when the ship left for Antarctica, with a catalogue that specified which cabin a volume could be found in. Napoleon, he writes, had a traveling collection of French classics that was ported with him to war. It included five volumes of Voltaire’s plays and Montesquieu’s work on the Causes of the Greatness of the Romans and Their Decline.
But whatever form a library takes, someone had to have chosen the books in it, which reveal the secrets of heart and mind—their cares, their greeds, their enthusiasms, their obsessions."
To read on, go to The Tales of Libraries......
What is your library like, do any of these seem familiar?

Reasonably tidy 

Very tidy

A bit haphazard like this one from Italy

Or haven't quite got enough room on the shelves?

I think my collection is a mixture of all and it doesn't worry me a bit....Some shelves are tidy, some are not, some are more or less in some sort of order, others aren't. They suit me fine, I know where things are (mostly) and no one else has to bother with them.

I aim for comfort, tidiness and the joy of knowing that I am surrounded by things I love. Life's too short to be concerned with trivia, unless of course, it's in a good book!

Which are your favourites and what suits you best?

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