Tuesday, 29 December 2015



Sometimes, a book just grabs hold of your soul and refuses to let go... or at least till you have explored all it has to offer. 

"Grandma Magic" was one such book for me. It has an irresistible title, at least for a grandmother, or Nan, as I am. Sadly for the editor, Janet Hutchinson and the 20 contributors, it came to me in perfect condition, via a charity store, with an unbelievably low price.

Having read the delights within, I wondered about the original recipient...why was the book apparently unread? Was it given to someone who wasn't happy to be a grandmother, or perhaps wasn't a reader... maybe there was something more sad, more meaningful.

I delighted in the individual stories, spending a few content hours, delving into stories of different cultures, different 'social standing', if you believe in such a thing, and definitely filled with varied emotions and connections.

 I laughed at the way such small children take their place in the lives and very souls of their grandparents, whether they want them to or not. I was saddened at the burdens thrust upon the grandmas when they were just relishing their freedom, and then in many cases, in later years, on the grandchildren, as their roles were reversed. 

The wonderful names that children bestow on their grandparents always tickles my heart. My much beloved Aunt was called "Giggi" by her first grandchild and it stayed with her always. My own son called my Dad '"Dandad" and the next four grandchildren followed, at least while they were small..

Grandchildren have a way of releasing our inner child... Who wouldn't want to give up a family yum cha to stay with a delightful little man who wants to pretend to eat multicoloured tinsel stars and decide which is the sweetest, red or Eva Cox did with her Asher?

Anne Deveson's 9 year old Odessa writes about her thoughts on her grandmother, which is followed by Anne's revealing story about her own grandmother, Florence.. all was not what it seemed with this very proper lady.

Shalini Akhil reveals her collection of grandmas... all different and each equally fascinating. 

The book was published by Allen and Unwin, back in 2009, then again in 2010, yet it is still available if you look hard enough. It is worth the search...