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One of the many places to download books for free is the often overlooked 
National Library of Australia...........

You can browse to your hearts delight and download at your will. They are in easily read .pdf format and you can find a range of different subjects.

This is just a small selection...

David Malouf: A Celebration

David Malouf: a Celebration, brings together three essays that pay tribute to one of Australia's leading writers. The engaging voices of David Malouf's friends who are also fellow authors' speak of their varied and unique experiences of Malouf and his art.
Download David Malouf

Taken at Tilba

W.H. Corkhill (1846-1936) documented many aspects of the inhabitants of the tiny twin settlements of Tilba Tilba and Central Tilba,on the south coast of New South Wales— farming, gold mining, shipbuilding and road making — and their rich and varied social life. His rapport with his sitters draws the observer into their world.
Download Taken at Tilba

The Gundagai Album

In 1971 the National Library of Australia was given some 900 glass negatives of Gundagai. Of the collection found by chance, 120 selected plates are reproduced in this book. The photographs were taken at the turn of the century and are believed to be the work of Charles Louis Gabriel, a doctor who added an exotic French flavour to that loyal bastion of the British Empire, Gundagai.

Show Man: The Photography of Frank Hurley

The photographer Frank Hurley (1885-1962) is a legendary figure in Australian cultural history, This book is an account of Hurley's 'showmanship', that is, his professional sense of performance and display, and accompanied an exhibition of his work in 1990.
Download Show Man

The People's Treasures

The People's Treasures provides a tempting insight into the richness of the collections held in the National Library of Australia. While celebrating the collections of the Library, this book pays tribute both directly and indirectly to the many and various ways in which they have been developed and enriched.

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