Thursday, 6 February 2014


THE TOURNAMENT  Matthew Reilly

It's not often that I follow the trends and read the latest best seller, but this is one book that I was very keen to read, simply because it is such a contrast to Matthew Reilly's normal genre...

It was also touted as an historical novel, a genre I do like reading. I wasn't at all disappointed... it took me just a short while to delve into this intriguing story... set in the era of a time of great upheaval, 1546. I was wondering how a young man of the 21st century would write 'with the voice' of a 13 year old Queen Elizabeth 1. He does it so well, not that I think too many of today's 13 year olds would have the confidence of Bess (Elizabeth) as portrayed, nor would they need the skills of self preservation. 

A very clever aspect was the inclusion of so many well known characters of that era, including Michelangelo... remembering that this is a factional story, it still makes these characters 'come to life'. 
I would rather not divulge the basis of the story, except to say that it was surprising, revealing, intriguing and well worth reading.

★ ★ ★ ★

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